We have exclusive rights to 65,000 acres in and around the Big Horn Mountains

Type of Hunt Duration of Hunt Application Deadline Booking Deposit Balance/Arrival Total
Deer & Antelope 4 day hunt,

5 nights
March 1 $1100 $3475 $4575
Mule Deer 3 day hunt,

4 nights
March 1 $1000 $3075 $4075
Whitetail Deer 4 day hunt,

5 nights
March 1 $1000 $3075 $4075
Antelope (Rifle or Archery) 2 day hunt,

3 nights
March 1 $700 $1575 $2275
Antelope (Rifle or Archery) & Fishing 3 day hunt,

4 nights
March 1 $900 $1775 $2675
Note: Be sure to consider all expenses NOT included in the prices of the hunts above, such as game processing, etc.

All non-hunt prices include lodging and meals. Most hunts allow for additional persons to ride along without any extra expense. However, if there is not adequate space, an extra fee will be charged to accommodate the additional people.
Type of Hunt Booking Deposit Balance/Arrival Total
Deer & Antelope $500 $600 $1100
Mule Deer $500 $500 $1000
Whitetail Deer $500 $500 $1000
Antelope (Rifle or Archery) $400 $400 $800
Antelope (Rifle or Archery) & Fishing $600 $600 $1200

Each hunter must have a Wyoming out-of-state hunting license for the type of game they intend to hunt.
Game Price
Deer $326
Special Deer $566
Youth Deer $124
Antelope $286
Special Antelope $526
Youth Antelope $124
Archery Stamp $30
Youth Archery Stamp $12
Note: Party applications may include regular deer, antelope and youth. If applying for Special, all people in the party must pay Special fees, including youth. Application fees (already included in license fees) are kept by Wyoming Game & Fish whether or not you draw: $14.00.

The prices below are an estimate only and are intended to help you cover all of your bases when considering the cost of a guided hunt. Prices may vary.
Game Processing: Includes boneless processing and packaging ready for plane. Does not include special instructions such as sausage, etc., cost of cargo on the plane, or shipping if you prefer to ship your meat home.
Type of Animal Price
Deer $120
Antelope $115
Caping *Does not include Taxidermy*
Type of Animal Price
Full Cape Deer or Antelope $200
Partial Cape Deer or Antelope $75
Game Stamps, Tags & Combination Licenses: Each person in the hunting party must purchase game stamps. Each stamp costs $12.50. Each animal leaving the state of Wyoming must have an interstate game tag, which costs $8.00 per animal. If you are trying for a combination hunt, you must purchase a license for each animal you are hunting.
Shipping: Extra cargo on the plane typically runs $75.00 per piece.
Personal Expenses: For your convenience, we will provide rides to and from the Sheridan, WY airport. Extra fees will apply for transportation to and from Casper, WY and Billings, MT airports. Car rental is at your own expense. Folded Hills Ranch holds a liquor license, and because of our liquor liability we cannot permit you to bring your own to the Ranch. However, liquor is available for purchase at the FHR Saloon.

Send your Wyoming draw application as well as your booking deposits to us as early as possible. If you do not draw a hunt, Little Bighorn Outfitters will refund all deposits. With the exception of the $14.00 application fee, all license fees are refunded by the Wyoming Game & Fish Department. Drawings are held by Wyoming Game & Fish. Deer and antelope hunts are drawn around July 3rd. Elk hunts are drawn around February 28th. The dates will vary a little each year, so be sure to check with Little Bighorn Outfitters or Wyoming Game & Fish if you are running short of time.

Call us to determine what clothing and supplies you will need. Climate may vary through the hunting season.